WordPress Development Company in the UK

As today is a time of a digital world and everything is becoming digitalized. According to research, about 37% of the websites has made up by using WordPress. So, WordPress development plays a vital role in website development. The question which comes to mind is, who is WordPress for? WordPress is a very potent and dominant content publishing platform. <

As everything is becoming digitalized and we live in a digital age, according to statistics, WordPress is used on roughly 37% of websites. Therefore, a WordPress development company in UK is essential to the creation of websites. Who is WordPress for is the first question that pops into our heads. WordPress is a powerful and well-respected content publishing platform.

A website development company in the UK is called ITCLAS. The more intriguing aspect of ITCLAS is that it is currently a leading Web Design Company. WordPress has evolved into a robust website builder and content management system. As a result, we handle the content for your websites. Our knowledgeable staff guides our clients in the creation of WordPress-optimized websites.

Our professionals can update their current websites to suit their demands. Our specialists create specialized plugins. These plugins make it easier and more productive for consumers to complete tasks. This will help their business grow. They offer solutions after learning about the client’s needs. You receive error-free websites from our professionals in a timely manner.

Our Approach to Agility

In order to establish Agility as the world leader in logistics, Agility turned to Lounge Lizard to develop a new global and multilingual website. For the new brand website, Lounge Lizard created the graphic design and messaging strategies, and it was optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. A corporate brand style manual for adherence across the company's offices worldwide was also initiated by Lounge Lizard.

Our Services

Explore our growing range of PHP development services that aspires to enable every business with a custom-built website.


Install Your Themes

WordPress themes can be created by our team of experts or they can be ones that you have created.


Content Writing

The ITCLAS professionals provide your website with relevant, high-quality material to help with SEO. Having the best content for your website is the main goal.


Professional Plugins

Updating your website often is essential if you want to compete. Additionally, a number of plugins carry out these upgrades.


SEO Agency

WordPress is the finest option for an effective SEO campaign. WordPress researches the top areas and websites to promote your brand's keywords.


Stability And Safety

The security of WordPress is one thing to take into account. To prevent any breaches in security, this must be extremely secure. Our professionals concentrate on this area to create a website that is effective and useful.


Hosting and Upkeep

The services our specialists provide include moving your website's design to a new host or remaining with the current host. It indicates that we do make suggestions to you about hosting for your website

WordPress API Integration

Automation of business processes is facilitated by API integration. Integration of APIs enables the connection of many applications. It enables data and business activity sharing between linked apps. Our team of professionals helps our clients connect their WordPress websites to other websites and mobile applications.

WordPress Websites Created by Our Company

Our team at ITCLAS is made up of skilled WordPress developers. Websites created by ITClas have achieved rankings on Google Play. These websites are quite useful to have. Our group focuses on producing real-time, error-free websites.